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6 Of The Best Colognes for Men This Winter

As we march on through winter, our minds are now drifting to warmer days spent outside with loved ones and friends. Spritely citrus scents, woodsy undertones and exciting bursts of freshness come to the forefront of our senses when it comes to spring scents. There are some key men’s colognes that have maintained their popularity for year-round purposes, but there are also some eau de toilette fragrances like Acqua Di Parma that Terr D’Hermes cologne that conjures up images of sunny days, outdoor events, walks in grassy knolls and time spent by the sea.

We have researched the internet and curated a list of best-selling men’s fragrances for transitioning to warm weather.

Dior Sauvage Eau De Toilette

A perennial favorite, this day de toilette by Christian Dior is perfect for everyday or evening wear.  The alluring scent is raw and noble in its composition and contains fresh notes of Reggio Di Calabria bergamot, spicy Sichuan pepper mild notes and ambroxan base. The scent even recently won Allure Magazine’s ‘Best of Beauty’ for Best Men’s Fragrances. On sale for $77-$145.

Versace Eros

Versace Eros fragrance is inspired by Greek mythology and embodies characteristics of love, passion and beauty. The unique bottle is even sculpted to represent the masculine form of Eros, the Greek god of love. Eros contains notes of mint oil, refreshing Italian lemon, green apple, a touch of vanilla and cedarwood. The Eros fragrance is designed for the confident, passionate man with a zest for life. On sale for $28-$118.

Montblanc Explorer

Made by some of the best perfumers in the world, Montblanc Explorer offers a slightly woody fragrance. It’s made from vetiver, patchouli, pink pepper, clary sage and bergamot to produce a fragrance that will conjure up images of rich living. Safe to say, Montblanc Explorer is a unique scent on this list, but one that will almost certainly turn heads.

Hermes Terre D Hermes Cologne

A classic fragrance, the scent of Hermes D’Terre conjures up images of days lying in the warm grass. The cologne contains key notes of grapefruit accord, black peppers and flint. The woody cologne is sure to appeal to even the most fastidious man’s olfactory senses. Ideal for a date night under the stars. On sale for $86-$120.

Acqua Di Parma Eau De Toilette

This popular scent is a refreshing and lively scent that features notes of the chinotto orange, which is a rare citrus fruit with a bittersweet taste. The Chinotto Di Liguria cologne by Acqua Di Parma is the ideal scent for warmer weather as we anticipate summer fruits and fresh air. The fragrance also contains notes of jasmine, rosemary, patchouli and subtle musk. On sale for $171.

Boss Bottled Infinite

Boss Bottled Infinite is another cologne with a beautifully woody tone to it, but it also offers a fruity side to it too. You’ll get hints of green apple, lavender and sandalwood, which should help make this scent an instant hit. 

Jean Paul Gaultier Men’s Le Male in the Navy

This unexpected scent will invigorate you in the early morning with a burst of freshness reminiscent of fresh mint. The newer scent by Jean Paul Gaultier, ‘Le Male in the Navy’ combines the signature peppermint scene with a salty twist for a spring/summer vibe. The fragrance also contains notes of comforting vanilla, Oceanic Accord as the heart note and Amber Gris. This powerful and masculine scent is sure to garner attention from the ladies. On sale for $118.

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